Salsa Warriors Launches New Website

March 19th is not only the first day of spring, but it's also the day The Salsa Warriors launches their brand new updated website.

Salsa Warriors launched on June 1st, 2014 as an internet radio station with 698 peaked worldwide listeners. Within 6 years, the station has grown to over 200k listeners. The company produces each year about 5 Salsa dances featuring live performances by popular Salsa artists including Ray De La Paz, Moncho Rivera, Piche Perez and among others.

In addition to providing a 24-hour Salsa radio station for their worldwide listeners, the company along with their business partners will be offering a wide range of services and products at exclusive discounted prices. Some of these services are but not limited to, DJ services, band hiring, ballroom & venue rentals, cleaning services, catering, website design and management, TV entertainment, medical nutrition and host of other services. Visit their new updated website at

As of matter of fact, if you're reading this blog entry, you're already on the website. Welcome to the new Salsa Warriors website.



Don't forget to reserve your table for the Salsa Warriors 6th Anniversary Gala to be held at The Alhambra Ballroom June 13th at Harlem, New York City. Vendor Tables are limited. Do you have a product or service to promote to our party guests and radio listeners worldwide? Become our Business Partner and register your company today.

Feature Products and Services Visit The Salsa Warriors Store

Click Here To Visit Salsa Warriors Home Page

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