Disc Jockies

Our Radio Disc Jockeys broadcast remotely right from their own home and country to over 200k listeners worldwide.  Many of them are also Live Event DJs who service our clients that are having events.
Harry Trinidad
Show: Salsa Pa'l Bailador
Broadcasting: CT, USA
Tues/Thurs 12pm ET
Esther & Jules
Show: Charanga y Mas
Broadcasting: NY, USA
Mons and Tues 8pm ET
Show: Salsa Con Sabor
Broadcasting: NY, USA
Fridays 10am ET
Jose Massas
Show: Salsa Con Swing y Afinque
Broadcasting: Puerto Rico
Mon and Wed 12pm ET
David Sala
Show: Los Ingredientes de La Salsa
Broadcasting: NY, USA
Fri 12pm ET
Monica Dobroiu
Show: La Rumbantela Show
Broadcasting: Romania
Tues and Thurs 2pm ET
Compay Salsa
Show: Salsa De La Mata
Broadcasting: NY, USA
Fri 2pm ET
Enrique Marcano
Show: Salsa Sin Limites
Broadcasting: Puerto Rico
Sun 10am ET, Weds 2pm ET,
Fri 5pm ET
Lee Lowrey
Show: Todo Salsa
Mons, 10pm ET
Broadcasting: NC, USA
Jamie Oteri
Show: Latin Rhythms
Thurs, 8pm ET
Show: Salsa Para Desayuno
Sats, 9am ET
Broadcasting: NY, USA
Howard Turner & Evelyn Moro
Roy Lopez
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