Affiliate Programs

Salsa Warriors offers various affiliate programs that can help you make a little extra income.  By joining our affiliate program, you will not only earn some extra income but you'll be assisting Salsa Warriors to accomplish their goals and mission.  As a Salsa Warriors Affiliate, you may join and participate in all programs. This will give you an opportunity to earn a stream of income.  In order to join our Affiliate Programs, you must have a Paypal account to receive your commissions.

Affiliate Programs


Salsa Warriors will pay you for each event tickets you sell online. We provide you with a URL link and you share it on social media, email, SMS text or any platform you choose. Bonuses are available.  Sign up today and sell event tickets for us.


A sponsor is either a person, small business or a large company who is interested in advertising their products & services on our radio station, website or our bi-monthly newsletter. We will pay you a monthly residual commission as long they remain our sponsor. Sign up today and find sponsors for us.


Get a vendor to rent a space at our events and we'll pay you commissions for each vendor.  Rental space is limited.  Vendors may require to bring their own table.  Restrictions may apply for vendors selling food and beverages.

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