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Advertising with Salsa Warriors is simple, quick and effective.  Unlike other radio stations and services, they have complicated packages and each package has various levels.  We offer 3 simple packages to advertise your products and services as well at the Triple play package worldwide.  Some restrictions may apply.  Certain international countries do not allow a particular product or service advertisements.  Your ad may not run in these countries.  An agent will inform you of any restrictions.

Why Advertise with Salsa Warriors?

  • Your products and services will be showcased in regular postings to our thousands of Salsa Warriors
    followers on social media.  We'll even boost your ad to specific demographics.

  • Your products and services will be placed in our monthly Newsletter (twice per month) blasted to our 15k
    subscribers (and growing daily)

  • Your event or company flyer placed on our official home page

  • Your radio commercial rotated every two hours (24 hours a day, approximately 12 spots per day, target to over 200k Listeners worldwide)

Advertising Packages

Package #1 Social Media Package plus Newsletter Blast  ($69.99 per month)
Your Ad will be email blasted to our 15k newsletter subscribers.  Our newsletter is also posted on our Facebook pages.  The deadline for all ad submissions is the 25th of every month.   Newsletters are emailed to subscribers on the 1st and 15th of the month.  (Banner Size No Larger  Than 380 x 500 pixels.  Must be Jpeg or GIF format). Total market views and shares over 100k followers on all social media platforms.


Package #2 Website AD Placement ($69.99 per month)
Your Ad will be placed on our home page on the Slider (Dimension of the flyer must be 432x648 in JPG format).


Package #3 Radio Commercial ($69.99 per month)
Your Radio commercial will air on Salsa Warriors Radio Randomly.  Approximately 15 Rotations Per Day.  Over 200k listeners worldwide.  Note: Radio ad running length time must be between 30-60 seconds.

Triple Play Package ($159.00 per month)

Get All Three Packages in a Triple Play Bundle for only $159.00 per month.  You may cancel your services at any time.  Fill out the form below.  The turn around time for approval is approximately 24 - 48 hours.

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